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Videos of our students!

Welcome to the video library of Idiom'Arts.

Here you will find different videos about our students living their immersion. There are so many different ways to learn French but living a real experience in France will definitely give you another taste of French!

Dami is a student from London who came with her little one for two weeks of immersion. It was a challenge for her who had to continue her role as mother while working on her French 🧸👧📚!

Victoria and Jodi came with their three children and they have been able to do a cooking session with a chef, as well as enjoying a ski session and several activities with their host family.

Kathy came for one week in May, for the second time. She graduated as a Feldenkrais instructor in Canada so we included a session 'the French way' in her program and she also challenged herself building a session in French for a small group.

Octavia shared with me her recipe of the "canard séché" (dried duck). She trained a lot to be able to make this video, good job!

Fran participated in a soap making workshop. She enjoyed perfect weather to go skiing in our ski resort. Finally she spent her fourth week on a bike with me along the "Canal du Midi", such a great adventure!

And much more to come! 

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