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Would you like to take general or specialized French courses? regular or intensive? ​ Whatever the formula, you will be accompanied throughout your project! ​


Let's talk online or come directly to Bagnères-de-Bigorre to visit me; I will help you define your ​ project and find the formula that suits you.

Reviewing for the Exam

General French

Do you want to discover the French language, to improve it, or are you already an expert but you want to maintain your level, to boost it?

General French allows you to approach each level of the Common Framework of References for Languages ​​(CEFR), from beginner level (A1) to advanced level (C2).

We will work on your oral and written skills (production and comprehension), according to your training objective!

The courses will be punctuated by written and oral work using all kinds of documents:

> videos, podcasts, games, newspaper articles, role-playing games ...

> Scenarios: to the bakery, to the market, to the post office...

I like to work from authentic documents (taken from real life - not made for teaching) and create an atmosphere of trust, play, and discussion!

Contact me to talk about it and assess your level! (Test of 30 questions)

Commis de magasin de mode
Chef au travail
Vérification de la pression artérielle
Vente dans une boutique
Enregistrement au bureau de l'hôtel

French lessons:
online or face-to-face

French for specific purposes

You have a specific need, professional or personal, I can support you in your training course:

French for business,

French for tourism (...),

Preparation for DELF A1> B2,

Preparation for DALF C1 / C2. 

The four skills of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages will be approached and worked on according to your needs.

The courses will be punctuated by written and oral work using all kinds of documents:

  • videos, podcasts, interviews,

  • newspaper articles, texts of all kinds,

  • board games, role-playing ...

Whether your objective is general French or Specific Objectives, it will be fun and interactive. Gone are the days when teaching was strictly academic and (sometimes) boring!

How does it work?

           You choose the pack of your choice: "regular" French or "intensive" French, alone or in pairs ...

            You contact me by describing in a few words your project: general French, specific ...


            I contact you to define your expectations and objectives





             - 1 lesson lasts 50mn

            - 2 lessons last 1h50 with 10 minutes break

            - 3 lessons last 2h45 with 15 minutes break

            Are included :


            - homework for the next class

            - the documents necessary for our lesson (except for certain projects such as a

              DELF/DALF preparation - sometimes it is necessary to purchase a method)

Feel free to contact me for any other questions. ​


See you soon!

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