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So we have been in France now for just over a year and I actually thought I was getting pretty good at the lingo until I launched into reciting a french poem at the drama group I go to. After my ‘performance’ there was silence. “Ah, they’re just enjoying the moment” I thought.

The tutor broke the news.  “We couldn’t understand a word you were saying!” he said plainly.

“What, nothing?” I asked, “not even the first verse?”

“Not a word” he informed me.


The unanimous verdict: “You need to do some serious work on your pronunciation”.

D’accord! I thought and headed home only to come across the most amazing course of pronunciation lessons on Youtube from Frenchsounds.

I have been practising everyday and I can highly recommend this resource. The lovely lady in the video gives very clear concise explanations as to how to make each sound followed by exercises to train the mouth. Check it out and let me know how you get on. I will update you on the level of success I have with the poem next week at my drama class.

Until then amusez-vous bien!




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